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Telecommunication and vocal systems:

Transfer technical knowledge and new technologies of telecommunication and communication, development and Optimization of small and bit network in the field of commerce and industry and finally proper telecommunication infrastructure for different industry are the goal of Techsan Electric Industry.

Hence, we ready to prepare telecommunication and vocal systems in different industry as follows:

  • Design, installation and commissioning radio networks.
  • Design and execution wireless networks.
  • Execution fiber optic projects.
  • Commissioning radio links.
  • Consulting, design and execution IP Telephony projects in different type communication platforms.
  • Procurement and commissioning PABX systems and weather proof and explosion proof industrial telephone.
  • Installation and commissioning SDH and PDH networks.
  • Consulting, design and execution industrial and non-industrial public address systems and intercom systems.
  • Consulting, design, procurement and execution fire telephone, voice evacuation and emergency paging systems.
  • Procurement different type walkie-talkies and telecommunication mast.